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Food Labelling Consultant Services

Our Food Labeling Consultants can Provide FDA-Compliant Nutrition Facts for your Food Labels

Serving our clients begins with an organized approach to developing FDA-compliant nutrition labels that meet consumer expectations and regulatory scrutiny. If you are looking for a food analysis laboratory, we can help you find the most appropriate and economical approach tailored to your unique food product and manufacturing process. Since we opened, we have successfully prepared Nutrition Facts for over 5,000 food companies. Our food labelling consultants and trusted partners can also help you with FDA acceptable food claims and custom formatted nutrition facts for all your product sizes. We can even assist you in preparing the most concise ingredient list possible, with the required allergen statements.

Specializing in Food Nutrition Facts for A Number of Clients

Are you looking for food label consultants that provide nutrition facts? Call Compliance Bird today! America’s best nutrition analysis and FDA food label compliance company. We are not a virtual internet company providing software as a service. We are a team comprised of hands-on nutritional analysis testing experts and regulatory professionals, and we are as passionate about food as you are. Unlike other companies that only provide software for nutrition facts, our expert full-service food label consultants do the analysis work for you. Need assistance reviewing your current food label artwork for FDA compliance? Our food label consultants will look it over and discuss the details with you. Need a food laboratory that also provides food nutritional testing guidance and up-to-date regulatory information related to your specific product type? Our food lab has a team of seasoned experts ready to advise.

In addition to our food labeling consultant’s regulatory guidance, our food nutritional analysis lab locations provide exceptional pricing to develop nutrition facts for food companies that require food laboratory services. Our turn-key nutritional analysis services keep your information stored so that we can quickly update new product additions with the fastest food label compliance services in the industry. Traditional food laboratories focus on selling you food analysis lab services. We take the nutrition laboratory out of the box to keep your food product development pipeline on the cutting-edge.